FitBoard features

FitBoard optimizes the way you manage your workouts and guarantees exceptional productivity.

It’s incredibly easy to build sessions with a simple sliding. From fingertips, you create exercises, you set rehearsals and durations, and you save the feelings of your customer.

The essentials activities of the day are directly accessible and you do not forget that today is the anniversary of your client.

FitBoard is ready to get to work … as soon as you will be.

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Everything that FitBoard do

Management sports sessions

  • Quickly create a coaching session
  • Quick definition schedule a session and automatic booking on the agenda of coach
  • Immediate start of the next session and positioning exercises to achieve
  • Entering free new categories and names of additional exercises
  • Easy setup with an exercise sets and repetitions
  • Quick setup an exercise (ex: time, speed, power, HR max)
  • Enabling / Disabling automatic unit reservation coaching sessions in the agenda of the client
  • Temporary assignment of a heart rate of the coach to the client during a coaching session
  • Showing sessions during the day
  • Simplified adding exercises a session
  • Tracking the maximum load supported by a practitioner by year
  • Automatic timing or manual tracking of the duration of an exercise
  • Tracking difficulties experienced by the client during the execution of a exercise
  • Tracking difficulty rated by the client for the session
  • Navigation sensitive multi-directional sessions on the day
  • Steering of an exercise performance (timing, planned effort made​​, burden …)
  • Steering recovery time between each series performed by the client
  • Calendar of previous sessions
  • Management of stretching exercises
  • Closing and archiving coaching sessions finalized
  • Management of the place, the objectives of the session
  • End of the session, auto-suggestion of booking the next workout client
  • Automatic synchronization to the client’s app of closed sessions reports

Remote coaching

  • Management of recommendations (per session, per exercise) and tips for perform safely session
  • Sharing and made available on Internet of workout prepared for remote execution
  • Automatic generation of a web page (compatible for mobile and standard browsers) dedicated to the person for run a session transmitted by the coach
  • Automatic collection of the training session debriefings performed remotely by people
  • Notification of the difficulties encountered by an individual during a workout
  • Automatic reminder about the tasks for workout preparation per customer (time and duration chosen by the customer)
  • Automatic generating and sending of the assessment workouts
  • Automatic synchronization of the FitMove partnership contracts for the delivery of remote assistance services
  • Automatic visibility of the coach in the catalog of partners offered to individuals during its research of remote coach

Dashboard daily

  • Instant visualization, graphics and real-time heart level in the status bar for each client
  • Live view about last 3 sessions of the client
  • Callback birthdays to wish customers

Customer Management

  • Quickly create a client
  • Search simplified with completeness in the customer catalog
  • Managing customer data sheet
  • Management actually measured maximum heart rate (in addition to the automatically calculated)
  • Managing multiple categories exercise (cardio, back, thighs, shoulders …)
  • Automatic generation and send of FitPlayer invitation

Management Accessories & Setting

  • Management preferences coach (identity, means of contact, pro account …)
  • Management heart transmitters of coach
  • Management heart transmitters held by a client and used during his coaching sessions
  • Compatibility heart rate Polar WearLink® + automated collection with heart
  • Account creation FitMove providing access to cloud services
  • Authentication of former account FitMove


  • Automatic integration of contacts already listed in the agenda of the touch pad
  • Integration with FitBoard Player applications used by clients
  • Supported languages: French, English

Health Monitoring

  • Monitoring the age of clients
  • Tracking the evolution of the sport level of the client
  • Tracking measurements of customers
  • Issue Tracking about client health (rapid identification of active issues, referencing new problems during meeting)
  • Report graphic history of health problems and changes in the state of fitness of the client felt
  • Follow weight of clients
  • Automatic BMI calculator
  • Automatic cardiac reading client during a coaching session from a heart rate
  • Graphics real time monitoring of cardiac activity history of a client during a coaching session
  • Automatic synchronization and optional coaching sessions in the agenda of the touch pad
  • Browser of cardiac client statements per session indicating cardiac zones crossed

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