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FitMove offers FitPlayer, an incredible mobile application easy to use that gives you access to tracking data managed by your personal trainer in club, at home or remotely.

The confidential data are automatically synchronized between the application on tablet used by your coach and your mobile. With total autonomy, you see your progress and the progression of your workout while maintaining a direct link with your coach.

Some features easy to use

Everything that FitPlayer do

Remote sports coaching

  • Search and selection of a coach remotely near your city
  • Reception and participation in sessions of tests about physical capabilities (pre-training, and each 6 weeks)
  • Automatic receipt of personalized physical activity sessions by a remote coach
  • Visualization of exercises to perform remotely
  • Entering performance information & automatic generation of report sent to the trainer

Monitoring of sporting activities

  • Automatic receipt of each report of physical activities performed directly with your coach or remotely
  • Time history of sports activities
  • Detailed visualization of a workout report including the targets (eg exercises, repetitions, weights, time ..) and actual performance

Management of personal goals

  • Autonomous creation and updating of each goal targeted by the person
  • Rich catalog of reasons for accompanying sports (problems of health to be solved, cravings for improvement) to quickly reference a pain to be stopped by the practice of adapted exercises
  • Quickly update the measurement of the pain level of a problem to be solved and targeted by a goal
  • Graphic history of pain relief curve


  • Generating of invitation per email to a trainer for use the tablet that allows personal data receiving
  • Direct access to the voting platform for upcoming features offered on FitPlayer

Preferences management

  • Creating of free account with immediate generation of invitation code

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Suitable for nutritional plans

Finite the proteins with risk to form your body! FitPlayer and your nutritional program will be a good merge to achieve your goals while maintaining your health.

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