The small story of FitBoard Player

Discover how the concept FitBoard Player was born and how it revolutionizes fitness sports for all!

How FitBoard Player is born

FitBoard Player is the little brother of FitBoard application, application used by sports coaches to manage sports training.

The trainer uses FitBoard to coach direct members of fitness clubs, but the personalized coaching service is not financially accessible to all.
So why not use technology to reduce the cost of support and thus make the service accessible to all?

survey_your_progress_enPlayer FitBoard the project was thus born with the ambition to expand the support services provided by sports coaches in using new mobile technologies that can control the drive of a person from his mobile phone.

FitBoard Player is the FitBoard technological extension that pilot the training of a person, allows the visualization of his progress, allows to interact with the coach through the balance sheets of sessions and to share a lot of information without necessarily being physically one next to the other.

What we do?

coach_your_life_enFitMove develops new mobile technologies for sports coaches, sports clubs and individuals to boost the sport for shape. We develop technical solutions that simplify life for sports professionals and offer new services to individuals to be physically active while staying motivated to do so.

Our team builds intuitive software running on standard equipment the consumer market (tablets, smartphones) and markets these solutions to professional sports.

How it works

FitBoard Player is a mobile application for the mobile phone of the person making the sport independently, but who wants to be guided remotely by a real trainer.

Sports coaches equipped with touch pads work with FitBoard application and build training programs to meet the needs of several categories of people based on their professional knowledge programs.
The programs are built and published by sports coaches in the catalog FitMove to be offered to individuals according to their goals, health characteristics and/or their ambitions.

The individual install FitBoard Player for free on his mobile phone and informs his credentials to activate his account and enjoy the services offered by sports coaches FitMove partners.

develop_fitness_enIt is sufficient to simply choose a type of training in the catalog FitMove to start and be followed at a distance by the trainer who create training.
Each session planned by the coach is automatically received every week and accurately describes all exercises to be completed by the person.

More information is collected by FitBoard Player during and after the session, which is the balance of the session automatically transmitted to the coach so he can follow the detailed progress of the person from his tablet FitBoard and adjust the content of future sessions.
All exchanges are made through internet but it does not prevent the person to contact his trainer who customizes each workout to each person who started the program.

Integration with equipment and accessories is possible with FitBoard Player. For example, the heart of the Polar brand transmitters used to monitor the pulse of the person during the execution of his workout. These data are automatically synchronized between FitBoard Player application of the person and FitBoard application of its trainer.

Join the adventure

FitMove-teamOur development team is listening to new opportunities for partnerships with equipment manufacturers to constantly improve FitBoard Player application and simplify the user experience of each sport to help him stay focused on the basics: make sport easier to stay motivated and in shape ūüėČ

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