The FitMove team is a tasty wedding of sports coaches and technology experts who have many years of experience. We put our know-how and our motivation at your service to build great solutions and provide services with high added value.

We love people, we love sports and we are passionate about technology !

Dream Team

Jean-Marc Vado
Chief Operating Officer

Expert in IT infrastructure and the databases, my hobby is the RUN! For the platforms FitMove, my bike or my running, my mission is always the same: performance & endurance.

Olivier Lemée
Chief Executive Officer

Software architect and entrepreneur since 2001, I love the challenges that are testing my expertise and meet the real needs of real people. I love to innovate and build teams. All fit!

Clément Theyssens
Coaching General Manager

Independent sport coach for several years, I helps people achieve their personal goals. FitMove is a great adventure to support even more people while maintaining a social dimension.


David Vicente
Java architect, I worked on the creation of many IT solutions in startups and large companies. Technical challenges that Olivier launches me are really cool to stay on top of technology in a really fun environment!
David Vicente Product Engineer
Cyril Dumont
Expert in software development and systems integration, I like to develop the integration of technology with products FitMove’s publishers partners for create added value and benefits for the sportive that lies within each of us.
Cyril Dumont Product Engineer
Jean-Fabien Arnaud
Software developer near of Olivier for several years, my neurons are always excited by the challenges of our team for stay on top of technology. I love the coding and it is very gratifying to see our creations in the hands of users happy.
Jean-Fabien Arnaud Product Engineer

But also in California...


Elisabeth Kounou
Fan and practising hardened fitness, I adore to find the new trends and to test the new sporting concepts. The blog is one exciting experience which enables me to speack and to share with other women who as me wish to remain dynamic.
Elisabeth Kounou Content Manager

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