FitPlayer 1.0 is available: your sports data on your mobile

FitPlayer screen to keep fit

The first version of the FitPlayer mobile application is available to the public on Google Play platform since 02/17/15.
Primarily intended for those already accompanied by a sports coach in a club, outdoors or at home, this app allows each person to receive tracking physical activity incorporating exercises planned, performances and remarks of the coach after each workout.

Once the free app installed on mobile, it automatically synchronizes sports data of the person in total privacy, data initially managed by the trainer on the touch pad (using the app FitBoard for coaching).

To enjoy these free features, both for the individual and for the coach who use the free version of the app FitBoard, simply create an account FitMove during launch the application and all synchronization actions are automatically executed between the two applications when the internet connection is detected.

It is not required to have a subscription with internet package by its mobile operator, because the app can realize its synchronization when a wireless connection is detected (eg from the wireless network of the internet box at home).

Near the users to improve the app

Community of  FitPlayer Beta Testers
The FitPlayer Beta-Testers community

The community of Beta-Testers FitPlayer was opened at 02/15/15 and allows individuals to enjoy a preview of new versions that will be published by the FitMove startup while also being a great place to make remarks, enhancement requests and criticism during the phase test of a new version before its official launch.

Registration for the community is self-service but is currently restricted to a maximum of 100 members for develop a real proximity between the team and the FitPlayer users.

Only the fastest can register!

Establishment of participatory development

Space for proposal and for vote about the new features desired by users

Also accessible directly from the app FitPlayer, the portal opened a space « Ideas » accessible to all, that allows users to propose new ideas and features to elect the best.

The ideas winning the most votes will be incorporated into future versions of the application to meet the real needs of users.




The future

The team FitMove is already working on the next version of this application that will enable the person to receive a workout prepared in advance by his trainer, to be executed (in the club, at home) during a holiday period of the coach.